Kubera meets the world


On  5th March, iEngageIT attended the LineUp Conf 2020 to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 in Londonderry.

 We took a morning bus out from Belfast and reached the calm and scenic valley of Derry. A scenic walk from bus station along the Foyle embankment, overlooking peace bridge, brought us to the venue for the all-Ireland conference.

Met the ever-charming Camilla Long and amazing Alistair Cameron once in, along with some coffee and accompanying traybakes.

We couldn’t contain the excitement and quickly rushed into the auditorium inside.  It was a day full of intelligent insights, presentations and pitches. Day full of learning , sharing and celebrating the best of all Ireland. Heard about Elemental’s inspiration journey and the new innovative platform Solv from Concentrix

After the conference we all proceeded to Sandinos for an evening social. There finally got to meet the firebrand Mary McKenna and her Top 10 tips for female entrepreneurs along with Diane who mentioned her game changing 20 for 20 fundraiser for Hospice . The  team behind JourneyProtector won the startup pitch competition and along with £2020 they won the highly coveted support of 20 mentors as well. Nothing better than having 20 proven experienced mentors by your side.

We got the opportunity to unveil ‘Kubera’ .  This was the very first outing and introduction of Kubera to the world.

Kubera is being developed inhouse by the experienced and proven TeamiEngageIT. This is a (RPA) Robotic Process Automation based system.  It will not just auto enhance the data but will resolve the issues around tracking , reporting and  intelligent insights.

It has been an exciting 1st day out for Kubera and we can’t wait to share the rest of this journey with you all.

Introducing iEngageIT’s new website

Our first website launched in May 2016 and a lot has changed since then. We realised it was beyond time for our website to refresh visually, and functionally. That we have a very creative and talented inhouse website development team, which designed this website, is just one of many.

Same values, better defined.

What started as a one woman passion has now expanded into a diverse techteam based in UK and India.

#teamiEngageIT has grown from strength to strength, we’ve moved offices, expanded our technical capabilities, have developed variety of innovative and exciting solutions in cutting edge technologies, and have clients in UK/EU/USA.

But it’s our deep belief and commitment to our values and vision which guide us on our journey of achieving greater heights. Team iEngageIT shares them with you here>> .


It’s important to show who we are as a company, but even more important to tell what we can do for them to help their business succeed. We truly view every client and project as a partnership, so we wanted to reflect that throughout the site.

So, how did we accomplish this?

  • Highlighted our unique itap (iEngageIT technology alliance partnership) on the homepage with option to download the whitepaper from website.
  • Highlighting the iEngageIT services on the homepage with an easy to understand picture

and a more robust services page that not only lists our services at a high level but dives deeper, detailing each service on its own page .

  • Highlighted details of GDM (Global Delivery Model) and it’s benefits on the homepage
  • Added a ‘’Get an Appointment’ link that is carried throughout every page of the site making it easy for visitors who are interested to contact us directly through their preferred mail app.
  • Added sticky buttons throughout the website to guide and make it easier for visitors and users to get in touch with us.
  • Integrated Facebook messenger for all those who prefer to chat directly rather than send emails/or call directly. The chat is instantly replied by a member of #teamiEngageIT 24*7.
  • Built a better blog. This is something we’ve intended to do for a while but always struggled to make it happen while balancing client work. This year we made it a priority. We will also add categories and will eventually be adding a blog search to make it easier for visitors to filter through and find the content that is most relevant to them.
  • Highlighted our expanded team and added a careers section for those interested in joining our team.
  • Added client testimonials on the homepage so you can learn about us directly from our clients.
  • We are passionate and dedicated to the cause of making technology and it’s benefits accessible to all. We run a free IT support session for all and you can find details here


Our branding didn’t need a complete overhaul by any means, but after three years, it definitely needed a refresh. We set out to enhance the look of the site both aesthetically and to improve usability.

So, how did we accomplish this?

  • Added a Video filmed inhouse in our Belfast office between our two team members Mani and John page to enhance interest through motion, as well as tell the story of our GDM Model and capabilities.
  • Added a brand-new service page for our support services. Our support services are designed and built by ITIL certified inhouse consultant. We added a very simple and easy to understand visual tables for various support packages here.
  • Selected new fonts to give ourselves more versatility. We still paired but we selected fonts that offered more styles and weights.
  • Pulled in larger, full-width images to better showcase our work on both the home page and throughout each featured work page.
  • Brought in more photography highlighting our services, our process, and our team to give visitors a glimpse of who iEngageIT is for those clients that haven’t yet met us in person.

We hope you’ve gotten a chance to browse around a bit and enjoyed the new experience. This was a true team effort and we’re excited with the result but let us know what you think – after all, it’s all about you. Do you like it? Or, how can we make it better? We always want to know how we can improve.