Robotic Process automation: Swivel Chair Automation

You are at right place if you want to know about the Robotic process automation (RPA) in software industry.

RPA is one of the hottest technologies in the IT market today, mainly due to its potential to deliver huge benefits to companies. Broadly speaking, those possible benefits include workflow efficiencies, cost savings and accurate outcomes. Clearly the emerging technology is having a huge impact on the way enterprises perform day-to-day business processes. In IT industry, very few IT service companies  are into RPA software development and services.

Think of data sources around you in the form of webpages, spreadsheets, files, different kind of databases and desktop applications, this may be structured data or unstructured data. You want to gather that data and make a reusable structured data for further processing. You will go ahead and do manual copying and pasting that data or you will do manual data entry work. If you are using two different desktop applications, you need to swivel chair or your head for copying data from source application and pasting it to the target application to make structured data. This manual work will became a nightmare for you, if data is too big.

RPA will help you solve above swivel chair issue.

In banking sector, tasks such as opening accounts or processing mortgage applications can be automated with RPA, while insurance companies can use RPA to automate health claims. In the transport sector, RPA can be applied to the supply chain and logistics operations. The list of possibilities is nearly endless and beneficial to any business that deals with time taking laborious manual processes.

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